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Chambal & Bharatpur Birding

Bandits in The Hinterland

In the heart of India there flows a river pure and pristine. Unpolluted by effluents of industries Chambal River is one of the least polluted. There are no industries here for this area was once ruled by the bandits. Taking advantage of spiky dunes the bandits indulged in gory acts till they were eventually silenced.

Of Prehistoric Reptiles & Mysterious River Dolphins

Chambal originates in Vindhya Ranges near Mhow in Madhya Pradesh and eventually submerges into Yamuna in UP after transacting through Rajasthan. The river sanctuary is rich in marine life, and one can see the long snout gharial, marsh crocodile and Ganges Dolphin while boating. On many occasions I have seen the splendor while on a bird tour with groups.

Avian abounds along the banks as well at the river. The boat safari offers you sighting of marine life as well amazing avian species. The splendorous panoramic spread amidst low lying sand hills and dunes is simply stunning. You will be absolutely thrilled.

Winged Wonders in Amazing Wilderness

Large numbers of species are seen here. The most targeted are the Indian skimmers, gulls, sand lark, wooly necked stork, Bonelli's eagle, osprey, rock eagle owl, bar headed geese, ferruginous pochard, laggar falcon, Indian courser, Brahminy duck, flamingos, terns, sand grouse, warblers, cranes and wintering ducks. Few species are mentioned here on a visit one can see many more.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan

Amidst dusty township of Bharatpur exists a bird heaven that finds thousands of visitors from across the globe every year. Encompassing 28 of wetland, it is the finest destination for watching avian species in thousands. The migrants flock together every year from all over the World.

Avian Wetland Gatherings

Some of the interesting species among three hundred found here are: Sarus crane, common crane, rosy pelican, spoonbill, ibis, Indian eagle, great spotted eagle, Northern pintail, Shoveller, Eurasian wigeon, ferruginous duck, nakta, Tickell's thrush, Indian nightjar, dusky eagle owl, night heron, shikra, sparrow hawk, dusky warbler, moustache warbler, Siberian ruby throat and many more. The bird sanctuary also offers sighting of mammals like the jackal, hyena, sambar deer, chital and a tiger on rare occasion..

Other interesting places near Bharatpur are Bund Baretha and Bayana. These are near the sanctuary and offer sightings of Indian skimmer, gulls, larks, buntings and wetland birds.

Our experts rate these birding destinations as finest in the World. Come see yourself!