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Classical India Old Cities Tour

India! Esoteric & Exotic Realm of Extreme Delights


Experience a journey into diverse India. Discover harmony in diverse faiths, rich culture, varied ethnicity and robust lifestyle that links with an ancient heritage dating back to more than five thousand years.
The tour encapsulates visit to old towns and cities with ancient past that still link back to history and have transformed into contemporary modernity. From ancient monuments to modern marvels all are at your doorstep - to exhilarate in the experience of bygone era and the vibrant present.

India never ceases to surprise, spectacular visions and engrossing experience of architectural splendors awaits you in this cultural tour organized by Indiafootprints Adventure Company.

New Delhi – Capital City

Bustling Capital City is an introduction to India, the hustle bustle is a big surprise for the uninitiated but nevertheless the destination amazes one and all. Wonders are embedded in its crowded folds of medieval landscape. You experience ancient monuments that stand out in stark contrast to amazing modern edifices nearby.

Forts, palaces, mosques, temples, minarets, bazaars are part of Old Delhi dating back to the Mahabharata period, and the Mughal & British transgressions. History is thwarted post independence. Is it? Come experience yourself!

Agra – Home of the Taj

It is an ancient city and erstwhile capital of the Mughals in India. It is home to Taj Mahal and other monuments.
Shah Jehan whence incarcerated by his son could not take his eyes off the monument. His beloved wife lies buried at the mausoleum - the seventh wonder of the World.

An edifice World famous delves in our imagination as most romantic, and an architectural wonder made of marble.
Situated in Agra City at Yamuna, the monument is must visit. The tour will also offer visitation to nearby places of Interest.

Jaipur – Kingdom of the Rajputs

Capital of Rajasthan State of India, it is also known as the pink city. The color embalms the buildings all over in this desert city. Bustling with life and robust character the monuments built by Sawai Man Singh and others are a must visit. Not only the monuments, the fine arts and the architectural styles are typical to Rajasthan.

Orccha – Edifices Galore!

A citadel city founded by Rudra Pratap Singh in the 16th Century AD, Orccha has just entered limelight as one of the most missed out tourist destinations in India.
From its establishment to Mughal conquest the fortified city on Betwa is full of architectural wonders and the turbulent past.

Khajuraho – Beyond Imagination

Rediscovered in 19th century most of the temples have been lost to ruin. About twenty five temples survive in a state of preservation. The erotic carvings are the striking feature chiseled to perfection on outer walls of some Hindu Temples. The temple town is situated in the remote access of Central India.

Varanasi – Stepped Embankments & Ancient Temples

Said to be the oldest city in the World, Varanasi is a spiritual town, and the holiest Hindu settlement on the Ganges River. Wonders of wonders delve in history of this ancient destination; a visit to Ganges and the banks reveals the quests of Hindu Civilization in Indian subcontinent.
Varanasi is an eye opener to understand spirituality and faith in India.

Classical India Old Cities Tour

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