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Golden Triangle Tour India

Exploring Old Edifices


India is an old country, the civilization dates back to more than five thousand years whence Aryans arrived from Central Asia into the heartland.
The nascent Vedic period was an era of latency albeit scientific and religious thoughts were in an early stage of development.

The later period of note and turbulence came into being with the invasion of Mughals as looters, and their eventual settlement in the country. They were usurpers, but excellent builders as well. Their architectural enterprises match that of Indian architecture prevalent since centuries.
In this tour we will witness the grandeur of architectural masterpieces that were built by the Maharajahs and Sultans of yore.

New Delhi – Mini India

The cosmopolitan agglomeration is ancient phenomenon but the Capital is new declared in 1911 by George V then emperor of British India.

The historical artifacts basically comprise of pre Mughal edifices like the Purana Qila, Mughal Architecture and the British Indian monuments. Into all these has blended smoothly the modern constructions which if not greater certainly equal the ancient monuments.
The capital city is a sum of diverse Indian ethnicities and cultures predominately modern but with strings attached to the past. On a visit the experience is unforgettable.

Agra – Relics of the Past

The city does well in contemporary but offers little of the present. It is home town of Taj Mahal the iconic marble mausoleum built by a King obsessively in love with his Queen. Agra is in North India a predominately Hindi speaking region with typical cultural attributes prevailing in Uttar Pradesh.

Jaipur Paradise

The Capital City of Rajasthan State was founded by Jai Singh II in 18th Century after whom the conglomeration is named. The striking feature of this city in the desert is not the color pink on contemporary buildings but robust architecture which was the creation of erstwhile warrior Rajput Kings.

The monuments are sheer delights to witness. Grand an encompassing serenity the monuments virtually encapsulate fine arts predominantly in the interiors. Not only grand palaces of Jaipur City even the kothis or noble houses exhibit excellent arts. The murals, fine carvings and paintings of the Rajput era are captivating and impress on a visit.

Golden Triangle Tour India

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