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Special Kanha Tiger Tour

Kanha Tour

Tigers are special, rare and critically endangered predators. They are the most majestic creatures on Earth. A desire to see the big cat lurks in the heart of one and all. But the predator is elusive with enticing behavioral traits. Difficult to search for a lot of hard work and logic is required to arrive at a spot where the majestic creature is present.

In the wild the predators are hard to see but one sight is for a lifetime. Easily described as the most beautiful and magnificent animal it is found in the jungles of India. Kanha ranks as top tiger destination with its pristine rivulets, extensive grasslands, dense forests and table top mountains. A drive through the magical kingdom is thrilling and for nature lovers there cannot be a greater pleasure.

Uday Patel naturalist and bird guide has been tracking the big cats for many years. He has gained insights into tiger behavior and has learned to track then using skill developed over number of years.His knowledge of big cats and wilderness rewards guests seeking the majestic animals and the jungle. As a man of wild he has worked at Corbett, Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Achanankmar, Pench and Nauradehi WLS. He has worked as bird guide in the Northern India at Bharatpur, Corbett, Nainital and Chambal River Sanctuary. In this tour we will explore Kanha National Park for the tigers and birds. The big cats of the reserve are famous all over the World. Join Us!

Courtyard House

Tucked away in the remote corner of Kanha forests the resort is an epitome of luxury living. The spacious resort has limited number of rooms in order to deliver a personal touch, serenity and privacy. The pool is enticing and so is the wild garden with birds and butterflies frolicking around. Small walks are organized for bird watching and exploring the forests.

There is plenty of room for relaxation. Swim, read books, loll around on the charpoys or just gaze at the sparkling sunlit sky. Get away from it all.

The evenings are reserved for sundowners, refreshments and wild tales. The sit outs are in plenty and we organize bush dinners and small get together under the night sky lit by the stars.

Come unfold journey with Indiafootprints!

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