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Tiger Safari in Central Indian Highlands

Tadoba Tiger Reserve

The Project Tiger Reserve encompasses Tadoba National Park & Andhari River Wildlife Sanctuary. The river is a vital life support system. The Southern tropical dry deciduous forests are home to tigers, leopard, wild dog, deer, sloth bear and bison apart from diverse wilderness. The mugger crocodile is also found here.

The wildlife reserve has become popular for tiger safari because of frequent sightings of tigers in their natural habitat. You will be able to see and photograph the big cats on your tour with ease. As wildlife tour specialists we will leave no stone unturned to make your safaris as exciting as it could. It will be a journey of discovery and a photographic expedition that would yield amazing results.

Pench Tiger Safari

The next destination is Pench with a tapestry full of mixed dry deciduous forests on low rising hills, deep valleys and extensive grasslands in the plains. Pench is also known as Kipling Country. Jungle book is based on these forests. Our search will be for the wolf, tiger, leopard, blue bull, bison and sambar deer.

The Totladoh Dam across Pench River supports diverse avifauna. The forests of Pench are home to many species of forest birds which birding enthusiasts would relish.


Your next destination is another Kipling country known all over the World. Kanha abounds in wilderness that spell binds tourists with its enchanting and panoramic landscape. The dense Sal forests are home to bewildering number of big cats and Central Indian Mammalian species. The tiger landscape comprises of Sal, mixed flora, dense bamboo thickets flourishing amidst low rising hills and riverside ecosystems that create splendorous vista among the serene forests.

The habitat supports diverse flora and fauna besides innumerable life forms that provide a holistic experience during the search for tigers. The keystone specie besides the tiger and leopard is the rare hard ground barasingha or Branderi swamp deer. This race is found only at Kanha. The National Park offers sightings of deer, antelope, tiger, leopard, sloth bear, wild dog and the bison. Insuperable birding adds to one of the many exciting adventures that promise unforgettable safari in Central India.

Tour Offerings

Providing specialist interpretation and organizing unforgettable journeys is hall mark Indiafootprints is trusted for. The parks are connected to each other and offer easy access from Nagpur City Airport of Maharashtra State of India. Through a linear string of road network you can move from one park to another across the rugged terrain with ease.

On the tour our tiger specialist will assist in search for big cats and other wild denizens. You can be assured of a luxurious stay and tantalizing food. The all inclusive safari is designed by our experts. The package tour cost does not include air/train/road travel.

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