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North India Bird Tours


The itinerary moves around one of the most picturesque region of India. Corbett, Chambal Region and Bharatpur and Nainital a mix of pristine rivers, dense forests and open country landscape, they offer not only mesmerizing settings, they are rich in avian species as well.

Bharatpur Birding

Bharatpur is home to no less than 300 species mostly wetland and forest ones. Encompassing 28 sq.kms, the bird sanctuary is full of extensive water bodies, swampy grasslands and forests. This provides an ideal habitat for residential and migratory species.

Chambal Safari

Chambal River Sanctuary is part of long stretch of snaking river, shallow and deep with sandy beaches and jutting rocky platforms. Flowing amidst sandy mountains and maze of ravines it is a spectacle of India's barren but esoteric remoteness. Birds thrive here in plentitude, shore birds, passerines, teals, storks, raptors, gulls, sand grouse, larks and warblers. One of the targeted species is the Indian Skimmer.

Boat rides at Chambal never cease to astound. Crocodiles, gavials and river dolphins splash around the bird watchers. The panoramic splendor holds you breathless and the bird counts rise with every expedition.

Nainital Birding

Situated North, about 7 hours of drive from New Delhi is Nainital in the foothills of Himalayas. Snow covered peaks of lofty mountains greet the visitors with a stunning spectacle and a whiff of fresh air that energizes one and all. As you climb up from Nainital you reach Sattal a picturesque assemblage of mountain and lakes. Avian abound. Laughing thrushes, sunbirds, parakeets,raptors, thrush, wren babbler, passerines, warblers, pheasants, woodpeckers, owls the list is endless.

Higher up at elevation of 2100 MSL is Pangot a repository of snow covered peaks, deep valleys and dense tropical forests. The avian species are strikingly different at these heights and Pangot is excellent for sighting the Cheer and Koklass pheasants besides forktails, laughing thrushes, raptors like griffon and lammergeyer, ravens, sunbirds, blackbirds, striated prinia, woodpeckers,warblers, finches, francolins and so on.

Corbett National Park

Corbett Tiger Landscape contains more than 500 species incremented by altitude migrants. Spectacular birding expeditions make this reserve favored birding grounds for the passionate. One of the most picturesque reserves in India, beauty is enhanced by Ram Ganga River - pristine and unpolluted. It is a habitat of sunbirds, flycatchers, warblers, bulbuls, niltava, parakeets,hornbills, thrushes, tesia, wren babblers, raptors, magpies, forktails, woodpeckers, passerines and so on. Wildlife sightings are good as well tigers, leopards, elephants, hog deer, barking deer and goral can be seen during the birding safaris.

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