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Southern India Wildlife & Tiger Tours


Although tiger is the essence of wildlife tours to India there are many other animals to see. Southern Indian forests encapsulates enchanting wilderness unsurpassed by any. Home to many endemic species of mammals and birds your wildlife safaris will not be in a vacuum, rather unstoppable heart throbbing adventure awaits you.

In this tour we explore the finest but not run of the mill destinations. Set your eyes on the wildest and trudge pace to pace with us alongside into the dense interiors.

Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka was declared as tiger reserve in 1999. The land of snaking stream is home to Indian elephant, gaur and tiger that we all seek. The charismatic landscape is alluring as are the mega fauna and spectacular birds. The network of rivers and streams form a living ecosystem in which thrives life in innumerable forms. Slender loris, bonnet macaque, striped necked mongoose, giant squirrels and chevrotain are some of the rare inhabitants that you will come across apart from the tiger. Nilgiri wood pigeon, white bellied tree pie, blue winged parakeet, white cheeked barbet, Malabar trogon and Malabar whistling thrush are exciting to checklist from among the large species of avian that dwell here.

Eravikulum National Park

Eravikulum National Park in Kerala is surrounded by large number of wildlife heavens forming an extensive green patch. The rugged terrain consists of high altitude grasslands and shola forests amidst a network of rivers and streams that are the life line of this fragile ecosystem in India. Nilgri Tahr, Nilgri langur and marten, leopard and tigers inhabit this paradise. You will have the chance to see unique features of the shola forests on excursions in the National Park.

Periyar Tiger Reserve

Periyar Tiger Reserve at Thekkady in Kerala is home to Indian elephant, tiger, gaur and the ubiquitous but elusive leopard. Made up of tropical evergreen and moist deciduous forests along with extensive grasslands it supports myriads of life forms some of which are endemic to Western Ghats. Apart from safaris a Thekkady boat ride is another alternative to see wildlife of the park. We will make sure that you enjoy your stay at this magnificent reserve in South India.

Mukurthi National Park

Mukurthi National Park part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve the protected area in Western Ghats was established for conservation of endangered animals like the Nilgiri Tahr. Other animals that inhabit this little paradise are Indian elephant, tiger, mouse deer, and leopard besides many others. The bird species comprise of Nilgiri flycatcher, black and orange flycatcher, Nilgiri Pipit, wood pigeon and many more..


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