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Taj - Khajuraho Temples - Panna Tiger Reserve

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is world famous monument and is a wonder of the world. The mausoleum is often described as an epitome of love. Made of marble, the architecture is simply stunning and majestic. The edifice looms largely over the Yamuna River creating a back drop spectacle that attracts hundreds and thousands to witness. Built in the memory of his wife Mumtaj Mahal, the mausoleum is surrounded by Mughal gardens and contain a mosque and a rest house.

The marble tombs is the center piece of attraction. The style is Persian, the chamber contains exquisite motifs that end up decorating the whole chamber. Calligraphy of Persian poems, flower motifs' reflective tiles and marble lattices make the whole structure intensely alluring. The actual tombs both are in the lower story what is usually visited is the sarcophagi. The building consists of the central dome supported by four minarets. The monuments is worth a visit to commemorate eternal love in a memorable trip.

Khajuraho Temples

Carved out of stone the temple city earlier contained 80 temples of Jain and Hindu beliefs. The ravage of time took its toll and now twenty four temples survive in three complexes all within the Khajuraho Township. The temples exhibit unique architecture which is essentially Hindu. The outer walls of some Hindu temples contain erotic carvings of maiden, animals and men engaged in weird acts. This is the main attraction and possible depict the treatise of Kama Sutra. Built in 11th Century AD the fascinating temples will leave and indelible spot in your memory during the Taj Temple and Tiger trip.

Panna National Park Photo Tour

A short distance from Khajuraho Temples is Panna National Park. It is a tiger heaven, a paradise of dense forests, tranquil river and undulating mountains that combine to form an exotic landscape in the remote district of Chhattarpur in Central India.

Home to tigers enchanting wildlife and amazing birds, Panna is an ideal wildlife holiday destination. Prime attraction is the tiger in the broad leaved forests. Other animals that can be seen are the leopard, sloth bear, Nilgai, sambar and chinkara. The spotted deer, langur monkey and wild boar are a common sight. Birds abound and one can see the Indian and Himalayan vultures besides eagles, owls, bar headed goose, parakeets, flycatchers, passerine birds, shore birds and plenty of others.

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