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India Birding + Tiger Safari


India is home to thirteen percent of World's bird species. The rare, endangered and endemic avian are cynosure of all eyes. Hence birders throng in large numbers to popular hotspots to see and checklist them. At some destination sightings are phenomenal hence draw a large number of enthusiasts from all over the World.

Bharatpur/ Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary

Bharatpur comprises of large wetlands some of which are shallow and marshy. This attracts waders, divers and shore birds in large numbers. It is the best place to witness large flocks in water and colonies near surrounding tree line. Encompassing an area of twenty eight square kilometers the bird sanctuary co-hosts predatory mammals, deer, reptiles besides three hundred plus avian.


Flowing through the heart of India Chambal River is untouched by urbanity. It is one of the cleanest rivers, pristine esoteric and magnificent. An extensive part of river has been notified as river sanctuary and flows through three states Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. The area is characterized by deep sandy ravines with sparse growth of trees.

The river is home to many interesting creatures namely snout nosed gharial, marsh crocodile, Gangetic river dolphin, fish and turtles. The shores abound with birds in their colorful garb. Bird watching is the main tourist activity on boat rides. Exploring the heartland offers deep insight about the remote confines of India.


Tigers have made Kanha National Park their home since they first arrived in India. The lush tropical moist deciduous forests proved ideal for the big cat. The tiger reserve abounds in prey which is crucial for the survival for the big cats. The deer can be seen in bright daylight foraging in the grasslands that abound in the reserve. The tiger kingdom boasts of more than hundred of these predators. Every year the tourist's folk in thousands to see the majestic beast in its natural surroundings.

Kanha with more than two hundred fifty species of birds is ideal for birding on tiger safari. The rolling nature trail also accords good sightings of avian on foot.

Pench Kipling Country

Kipling penned Jungle Book based on story of Mowgli who was born here. Tigers abound and Pench National Park is a good place to see them in their wilderness haunts. Mammals can be seen in the grasslands while birds frolic in the forests. The Totlah Doh dam offers sighting of shore birds and divers.

Pench River is the life line of this ecosystem and within its confines a large number of avian species can be seen. Pench is home to more than two hundred birds.

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