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Tiger Photography Tours

Tiger Photography

Tigers are charismatic animals and have bedazzled the World. Hence photographers always seek an opportunity to film or photograph the magnificent predator in their natural environment. Like any other subject, tigers offer a major challenge. In spite of large size, they are very illusive, and camouflage easily. They are difficult to locate because of peripatetic nature. They live in habitats which comprise of tall grass, dense foliage, and often found in an inaccessible terrain, and many times the light conditions are poor.

Hence tiger photography requires special skill set and assistance of experienced naturalist guides. The activity requires good enough of time, and resources as well. Indiafootprints fulfills all the criteria thanks to years of experience, and required resources. The virtues have also shaped our itineraries that take you to habitats with dense tiger population.

You need not be a professional or have expensive equipment, amateurs, and holiday makers with basic equipment have fared surprisingly well. So contact us, and make your dream come true.

Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve – Rajasthan

It is a tiger reserve and National Park with history. And also a healthy population of tigers defines Ranthambhore. Being a dry deciduous forest with abundant prey, tigers are much easier to spot film or photograph. The park administration provides for short and extensive safaris, the later being more suited for photography. Other options to shoot using the camera are the sloth bear, marsh crocodile, deer, wild boar, Nilgai, chinkara and other mega fauna. Photographers with longer lens can also capture images of strikingly beautiful birds of the park. Sunlight is very good most of the time of the year providing, the best opportunity to film or photographers in the wild.

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve – Central India

Truly an esoteric destination tucked away in the confines of remote Central India. Saturated with ancient monuments in form of idols, stable, temples, and a fort in ruins which makes tiger photography at Bandhavgarh enchanting as well as fulfilling. Relatively smaller in area than some reserves, the National Park boasts of high density of tigers.

The reserve comprises of mixed moist dry deciduous tropical forests, marshy grasslands, bamboo, Sal, and aquatic systems in form of rivulets, streams, ponds, and water holes. The undulating cliffs or table top mountains are unique to Bandhavgarh. The diverse habitats accords opportunity to photograph the big cats in different ecosystems and settings while on expedition at Bandhavgarh.

Kanha National Park – Central India

The Kipling Country boasts of more than 100 tigers. It is home to many species of mega fauna especially the hard ground swamp deer. It's successful conservation has brought laurels to the reputation of Kanha National Park. The park conserves other animals like the illusive leopard, sloth bear, bison, deer, wild dog, rhesus macaque, langur, wild boar, wolf, Nilgai, chevrotain, jackal and nocturnal animals like the fox, civet and porcupine.

The forest types are mixed moist dry deciduous tropical, extensive grasslands, Sal and bamboo. Rivers Halon and Banjar, and their tributaries are the lifeline of this diverse ecosystem. The reserve is ideal for tiger photography in picturesque settings. This destination is one of the most preferred for nature photography in India.

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