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Tigers - Corbett - Bandhavgarh – Kanha


Searching for tigers requires understanding of the habitat, understanding thier behavior and having lot of trekking skills. This has to be compounded with a sound judgment and lot of patience. The beast is not easily seen, thanks to its inherent nature, and that's what makes a prized possession as far as sighting in the wild is concerned. Some habitats are ideal for search, thanks to a large number of the big cats inhabiting these prime habitats.

In this tour we explore the finest but not run of the mill destinations. Set your eyes on the wildest and trudge pace to pace with us alongside into the dense interiors.


Beauty and serenity is what describes this amazing landscape in the Himalayan Foothills. The River Ramganga accords right addition to the habitat that comprises of extensive grasslands, Dense Sal with associates and bamboo. Corbett National Park and tiger reserve is home to many mammals, some like the goral belong to Indo China zoo geographical region.

Tigers thrive in the park with abundance but are hidden in the deep confines. They are best seen on the sandy interference at Ramganga and the tall grasslands. Along with the big cat one can also revel in the pleasure of sighting herds of elephants in this park. Famous for the big cats, Corbett is immensely popular amongst birders since it is home to more than five hundred bird species.


Words fail to describe the incredible beauty of this exotic tiger reserve. Hidden in the remote confines of Madhya Pradesh or Central India the historic assemblage of caves, fort, idols and temples accentuate its appeal fourfold.

The big cats prefer to hunt in the marshy grasslands inundated by rivulets the life line of this charming ecosystem. A journey in the hinterlands of India is always rewarding especially if the targeted species is the majestic Bengal tiger.


Kanha is an amphitheater of extreme delights that is how naturalist writers often describe this magnificent landscape in Central India. The habitat comprises of grasslands, dense mixed and pure Sal forests and bamboo. Intervening rivulets, big and small makes the landscape charismatic and a joy to experience.

The land of the tiger is home to more than hundred and supports wide variety of fauna and floral diversity. It is the best place in the wild to see the majestic animal. The reserve is ideal for bird watching as more than two hundred and fifty species can be seen during the various seasons.

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