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Ancient Yoga with Tiger Safari


Yoga developed five thousand years back and is a holistic tradition for good health. It is a set of exercise along with breath control that depends upon practice in order to twist your body in a set position and simultaneously control your breadth. Yoga is a daily ritual meant for better mental and physical health and enliven the spiritual aspects of life. The discipline has been made popular by Hindu Rishis or saints.

Different types of practices have been put in place where the technique differs. While the overall aim is to benefit mind and the body and thus accord long life. The practice cures some disease as well as acts as preventive.

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Kanha National Park

Pristine Kanha National Park is a tiger reserve and a National Park in Central India or the State of Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most popular tiger tour and bird watching destination in the State. People come here from far and wide to revel in animal and bird watching.

Serenity and calm prevails all around this park and hence accords a meditative effect. Yoga and tiger safari are ideal combination for a healthy and exciting holiday.

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Join Us in this fantastic tour combination for excitement and health benefit. A trained instructor and a naturalist guide will be at your service. Discover Health & The Majestic Tiger in Madhya Pradesh.

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