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Rejuvenating Yoga with Tiger Safari at Kanha


Yoga is an ancient Indian holistic tradition that is meant to safe guard mental, physical and spiritual aspects of a person's life. It is supposed to have originated before the Vedic Era in India. The discipline has been inducted by ancient saints the Rishis'. The discipline comprises of set of exercise along with breath control. The exercise consists of turning and twisting the limbs along with controlled breathing and mental state.

Though the therapeutic benefits are well known, Yoga also offers mental peace and control of the sensory apparatus. Not only muscles all organs are sensitized by Yoga to keep one's body in health. The disciplinary control and chanting of mantras accord spiritual aspect to the practice. It is meant for prevent and control many lifestyle diseases.

Yoga in modern times has become a universal practice due to its role in healing of mind body and soul. It has also accorded a control regimen to people's life style to make it more healthy and spirited.

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Kanha National Park

Also known as the land of the tiger Kanha National Park is a forest region in India popular for verdant greenery and serenity. Far removed from the hustle bustle of urbanity the park is home to the Bengal tiger and many other mammals, birds and reptiles. The biodiversity rich area is ideal for tiger safaris and bird watching.

The peaceful confines and green ambiance accord a healing touch to people entrapped in modern urban life. The enchanting landscape, fresh air and silence all contribute towards human well being. The serene and pure environment is highly suitable for Yogic pursuits as well. Hence large number of tourists arrive here in pursuit of mental, physical and spiritual quest besides wildlife watching.

The park is situated in Central India in the State of Madhya Pradesh. It is accessible from Jabalpur Airport and few other places.

Unwind & Uplift

Yoga on tiger safari will help you unwind and induct in your life a holistic healing and rejuvenating practice for long life and happiness. Exciting tiger safaris are meant to uplift your spirits with adventure in the jungles of India. A combination delivers a memorable holiday the like of which you may have never experienced. Welcome!

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